Features of the Peripheral Iris as Seen by Gonioscopy after Cataract Extraction.

  • John D Abrams
  • Published 1963 in The British journal of ophthalmology


PART I. THE ANTERIOR ASPECT IT is only to be expected that the main importance of gonioscopy in aphakia is its relevance to glaucoma. Much of the work previously reported has therefore been devoted to the internal appearance and site of the cataract section, and to the presence or absence of peripheral anterior synechiae. The writer's attention was drawn to the subject from a different direction. During some experimental work on the iris of human cadaver eyes, it was necessary to cut off the corneo-sclera as far into the angle as possible, and an appearance of the iris root was seen which had not been encountered gonioscopically. Fig. 1 shows a human eye in which the entire corneo-sclera has


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