Towards a model driven Modelica IDE


Model Driven Software Development evolved into a common way of creating software products. Describing software in a more abstract way simplifies and speeds up the development process and generated code turns out to fulfill high quality standards. As a subcategory of model driven development Domain-Specific Languages concede to express problems in a domain specific way. By defining a languages grammar, an editor that provides basic support for developers can be generated automatically. This paper describes how these concepts are utilized for the creation of a Modelica Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Helpful functionality is implemented in a model driven way to maximize assistance during the development process. Thus the developer receives a tool that allows to survey large scale projects and provides functionality that is well known in other popular programming languages. Furthermore an approach for semantical verification of Modelica documents during the development process is presented. This allows to detect and correct errors early.


    14 Figures and Tables

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