Construction of Blanket and Subgrade for Railway with Sand- Moorum- Natural Fiber Mixed Composites


Huge amount of alternate materials have become necessary in construction of railway subgrade and blanket due to large scale development of Indian Railway through lying of new tracks, modernizing of old tracks to accommodate high speed trains and conversion of single tracks to double or more ones,. It has also become essential to make sure that quality of such construction reaches the standard needed for the safe, comfortable and cost effective passage of trains at designed conditions. An experimental programme has been undertaken by the authors to investigate the possibility of using natural fiber randomly mixed with locally available sand-moorum composite system as alternative materials in construction in such cases. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests both in unsoaked and soaked condition have been conducted to observe the maximum improvisation of different mix proportion of sand-moorum-natural fiber composites. Results of the experimental study made with various proportion of sand-moorum composite mixed with natural fiber like jute and coir fiber to attaining desired CBR values with special reference, are reported in this paper.


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