Heptanickel(ii) double-cubane core in wells-dawson heteropolytungstate, [Ni7(OH)6(H2O)6(P2W15O56)2](16-).


The hepta-Ni(2+)-containing 30-tungsto-4-phosphate(v) [Ni7(OH)6(H2O)6(P2W15O56)2](16-) (1) has been synthesized in aqueous, slightly basic medium under conventional reaction conditions, and charactarized via different physical methods. Single-crystal XRD showed that 1 consists of a corner-fused double-cubane {Ni7(OH)6(H2O)6}(8+) fragment sandwiched by two trilacunary [P2W15O56](12-) units. Polyanion 1 is solution-stable as shown by (31)P NMR. Ferromagnetic coupling interaction between the 7 paramagnetic centers of the double-cubane core in 1 with a S = 7 ground state was demonstrated. Electrochemical studies were also performed on 1.


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