Subtotal Petrosectomy for Cochlear Implantation: Lessons Learned After 110 Cases.


OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to review the indications for subtotal petrosectomy for cochlear implantation, report our management of complications, as well as review those technical factors that are critical for successful implantation. METHODS Patients (n = 104) that underwent subtotal petrosectomy with closure of the external auditory canal and obliteration of the cavity with abdominal fat in combination with cochlear implantation were analyzed. RESULTS The most frequent indication for subtotal petrosectomy was the existence of a previous canal wall down technique. Postoperative complications occurred in 13 patients (11.83%). Extrusion of the device took place in 5 cases (4.55%). CONCLUSIONS Subtotal petrosectomy in cochlear implantation permits obtaining a cavity isolated from the external environment, and when needed, it improves the access and visibility during the surgical procedure. Subtotal petrosectomy is a safe technique, with a low rate of complications.


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